Politically motivated convictions in the period 20-21 December 2021 in Aktau.

On 20 December 2021, civil activist Aizhan ISMAKOVA was illegally sentenced to one year of restriction of liberty and 2.5 years' ban on social and political activity under a politically motivated criminal case under Article 405 Part 2 ("participation in an extremist organisation"). Aizhan ISMAKOVA is being prosecuted for participating in peaceful rallies and criticising the authorities.
On 21 December 2021, the civil activistAbzal KANALIYEV was illegally sentenced to 1 year of restriction of liberty and 2.5 years’ ban on social and political activities and the use of social media in a politically motivated criminal case under Article 405 Part 2 and Article 293 Part 2 ("hooliganism").
Abzal KANALIYEV is being prosecuted for:
- distributing materials of the opposition movements “Koshe Partiyasy” and “DCK” by reposting on Facebook;
- liking and reposting on Facebook the publication of activist Daryn KHASSENOV about the rally in Aktau and the publication of opposition Mukhtar ABLYAZOV "about the peaceful change of NAZARBAYEV'S regime";
- the dissemination on Telegram of information about peaceful protests organised by the opposition “Koshe Partiyasy” and “DCK” movements;
- calls for participation in peaceful protests;
- a false denunciation from Sagyndyk ZHARYLGAP, who staged a provocation against Abzal KANALIYEV and claimed that Abzal KANALIYEV allegedly beat him with a crutch;
Abzal KANALIYEV is a civil activist from Aktau, who participates in rallies and challenges, criticises the Kazakhstani authorities, demands the release of political prisoners and calls for personal sanctions against human rights violators in Kazakhstan.
In its resolution on the human rights situation in Kazakhstan, dated 11 February 2021, the EP calls on the Kazakhstani authorities to stop all politically motivated prosecutions and release all political prisoners immediately and unconditionally.
The European Parliament condemned the Kazakhstani authorities' abuse of anti-extremism legislation to persecute supporters of the peaceful opposition movements DCK and “Koshe Partiyasy”.
DCK (Democratic Choice of Kazakhtstan opposition movement)* 
Koshe Partiyasy opposition movement**