The human rights defenders of the #ActivistsNotExtremists coalition prepared a joint report on the political persecution of a Kazakhstani businessman, philanthropist and human rights activist Barlyk MENDYGAZIYEV, who lives in the USA. Barlyk Mendygaiyev is the founder and president of the US-based "Freedom Kazakhstan" Human Rights Protection Foundation. 
A coalition of 11 #ActivistsNotExtremists organisations analysed and collected facts confirming that the reason for the persecution of Barlyk MENDYGAZIYEV was his opposition and human rights activities. He provides financial and humanitarian assistance to the families of Kazakhstani political prisoners and promotes personal sanctions against Nursultan NAZARBAYEV and his entourage in the US.
Currently, Kazakhstan's National Security Committee (NSC) is fabricating documents for an extradition request for Barlyk MENDYGAZIYEV and freezing his accounts in the US. In this way, the Kazakhstani regime wants to paralyse MENDYGAZIYEV'S public activities, make the support of civil society impossible and stop an international campaign in support of imposition of personal sanctions for corruption and gross human rights violations in Kazakhstan.
In a battle against political opponent Barlyk MENDYGAZIYEV, the Kazakhstani authorities have paralysed the operations of the Karachaganak Support Services (KSS) , a company he founded, for a long time. KSS supplies refined oil to Western markets and is a contractor for US firms, and its clients include major investors such as Chevron, ExxonMobil and Shell. This is another case that signals the insecurity of business and investment in Kazakhstan.
MENDYGAZIYEV and his family members, colleagues.
We call on the US and the EU governments:
▪️Do not allow the extradition of the politically persecuted Barlyk MENDYGAZIYEV. If extradited, he will be deprived of his right to fair justice and is most likely to be subjected to torture.
▪️ Reject potential requests by the Kazakhstani authorities for international legal assistance in this case or possible attempts by Kazakhstan to have MENDYGAZIYEV'S accounts blocked in the United States.
▪️ Demand that the Kazakhstani authorities cease political persecution of Barlyk Mendygaziyev and his relatives, release his brother Bekizhan from custody, and cease pressure and threats against KSS staff and members of the Mendygaziyev family.