List of political persecution in connection with peaceful protests on 6 July 2021

As of 9 July 2021, the human rights monitoring group “ActivistsNotExtremists” has recorded (list of human rights organisations and movements that are members of the monitoring group is given on the screenshot):
*1 case = 1 person.
1) In connection with the peaceful protest on 6 July 2021 in Almaty by the Democratic Party ("DP") movement against Chinese expansion:
- Cases of preventive persecution: 0.
- Cases of persecution on 6 July: 9 cases in one city (Almaty) (including at least 7 arbitrary detentions and 2 administrative arrests of up to 10 days);
- Reported beatings of three DP supporters - please send us medical documents, photos and video.
2) In connection with a nationwide rally-monstration on 6 July 2021 announced by the Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan ("DCK") movement to ridicule the absurd political and economic situation in the country and to protest against the forced vaccination against COVID-19:
- Preventive persecution (25 June - 5 July): 73 cases in 19 cities and towns (including 27 administrative arrests of up to 25 days, 1 administrative fine of up to $340).
- On 6 July: 83 cases in 20 cities and towns (including at least 40 arbitrary detentions, 2 administrative fines of up to $338).
Please, note:
❗ Attempted intentional hit by a car of activist Kamilla SHOKANOVA in Almaty (attempted murder) took place;
❗ Torture and ill-treatment against activist Yerkin KAZIYEV and his son Abdurakhim IMASH: police officers used strangulation techniques (against Yerkin KAZIYEV and his son), Yerkin KAZIYEV was held in tight handcuffs from 12:00 to 20:30 on the floor at the Police Department.
3) In connection with a peaceful protest on 6 July in Kostanay against forced vaccination against COVID-19:
- Cases of preventive persecution: 1 administrative arrest;
- On 6 July: 2 administrative arrests (up to 15 days), 2 arbitrary detentions.
We note that the Commissioner for Human Rights, Elvira AZIMOVA, has completely ignored the political persecution associated with the peaceful protests of 6 July 2021.
We call on the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom and Canada to impose personal sanctions on: Karim MASSIMOV, Head of the NSC; Gizat NURDAULETOV, General Prosecutor; and Yerlan TURGUMBAYEV, Minister of Internal Affairs.