Political prosecution of Karachaganak Support Services ("KSS")

On 9 July 2021, at 10:00 (Atyrau time), the decision of the Court of Appeal in the political criminal case against Baurzhan JUSSUPOV (an employee of KSS), Natalia DAULETIAROVA and Rinat BATKAYEV (partners of KSS) will be pronounced. On 17 May 2021:
⠀- Baurzhan JUSSUPOV was sentenced to 5 years' probation and a 1-year ban on holding senior positions for alleged tax evasion (Article 245 Part 3), acquitted under Article 262 Part 2 ("participation in an organised criminal group") for lack of evidence.
- Natalia DAULETIYAROVA was sentenced to 5 years suspended sentence for issuing invoices without actually performing the work (Article 216 Part 3), aiding Baurzhan JUSSUPOV in tax evasion (Article 28 Part 5 - Article 245 Part 3) and false denunciation (Article 419 Part 3), and acquitted under Article 262 Part 1 ("organisation of an organised criminal group") due to the absence of a crime.
- Rinat BATKAYEV, who worked with Natalia DAULETIYAROVA, was sentenced to 3.5 years' probation for issuing invoices without actually performing the work (Article 216 Part 3).
Kazakhstani authorities prosecute KSS employees, relatives of Barlyk MENDYGAZIYEV and Barlyk MENDYGAZIYEV himself for engaging in peaceful human rights and opposition activities, helping to pay politically motivated fines, services of lawyers for political cases and providing humanitarian assistance to families of political prisoners and politically persecuted activists. On 5 June authorities illegally sent his brother, Bekizhan MENDYGAZIYEV, to a pre-trial detention facility, KSS employees and relatives of Barlyk MENDYGAZIYEV are being persecuted in order to pressure him [Barlyk] to stop his peaceful opposition and human rights activities. According to Barlyk MENDYGAZIYEV, Timur KULIBAYEV, a son-in-law of Nursultan NAZARBAYEV, Karim MASSIMOV, Chairman of the National Security Committee, and Nurlan NOGAYEV, Minister of Energy, are responsible for the attack on the company and the political persecution.
We demand full acquittal and an end to the political persecution of KSS employees, relatives of Barlyk MENDYGAZIYEV and the immediate release of Bekizhan MENDYGAZIYEV.
We call on the US, the EU, the UK and Canada to impose personal sanctions against: Karim MASSIMOV, head of the NSC, General Prosecutor Gizat NURDAULETOV and Minister of Internal Affairs Yerlan TURGUMBAYEV.